Rollforming & Sheet Metal Forming Machinery

Boxer Design and Manufacturing Limited is an independent business specialising in high quality and innovative solutions for your sheet metal forming requirements.

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Innovative and high quality machinery

Boxer Design and Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 1987 and is based in modern, purpose-built premises on the border of Manchester, England, UK. The majority of our work is designing and manufacturing metal rollforming machinery, which can also incorporate additional operations such as de-coiling, levelling, shearing, cropping, punching, bending, pressing, ring rolling, stacking and offloading.

Our machinery

Each machine is custom-built to the clients' specification using high quality materials and tooling with a robust design to ensure a long life with minimum maintenance. The rollforming machines can vary from simple hand-fed metal strips to complex fully automated high volume metal forming production lines. Each machine complies fully with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Our products

The products produced by our machines are extremely diverse in profile shape, size, metal type and thickness. Likewise our customers are also diverse, spread internationally in a variety of industries such as Building and Construction, Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC), Automotive and Commercial Shelving and Racking. Full support for spares and service work applies to all our customers, wherever they are.

Innovative & effective

The employees at Boxer are experienced engineers dedicated to producing the best specific roll forming machinery on the market using the latest CAD technology and innovations to achieve this goal. We also specialise in refurbishing or re-tooling existing machinery to help improve the efficiency, variety or quality of the products produced. This can sometimes be a more cost effective solution than a new machine.

Winter nights drawing in @boxerdesign HQ. #santasworkshop as busy as ever in lead up to Christmas shutdown. #sheetmetal #forming #machinery #mfg
Rail coining & clinching machine. Can simultaneously clinch 2 #steel rails on 6mm thick hardboard strips. #UKmfg #BritishSME
Bespoke #filterframe #production #machine being produced for a valued customer @boxer_design @boxerdesign #UKmfg #BritishSME
Expanded #metal #lath line, bespoke for valued client. Finishing touches @boxerdesign HQ. #manufacturing
Work in progress on shingles #machine. #duplex #rollformer #mfg @boxerdesign HQ.