Plain Seam Panel Line

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The Plain Seam Panel Line is capable of processing 1250mm wide coils of 0.6 to 0.8mm Plastisol steel, face side up, into up to 7.5 metre lengths of LH, RH or L & R hand plain seamed sheets. The sheet widths are variable from 350mm to 1250mm and the lengths variable from 1200mm to 7.5 metres. Cut sheets of Plastisol and 1.2mm Stucco aluminium can also be produced (without seams) within the same size range. The Feedset Removal, Shear and Duplex Rollform are carried by a common frame for compactness and integrity. The production rate is approximately 15m/min.

Specification Video
  1. De-coil

    3 ton Motorised Expanding Mandrel De-Coiling Machine (controls provided by Boxer).

    Feed/Set Removal

    The pair of frame-mounted infeed rollers are driven at a speed up to 20m/min by means of a 1.5kw inverter-controlled geared electric motor and are equipped with a length encoder to control the feed length to a tolerance of ±1mm. A coil set removal roller is carried immediately prior to these rollers, which is quickly cam lever adjustable to render the coil generally flat. The hardened infeed guides are fixed to the datum edge and adjusted on the non datum edge by means of quick lock handles.


    One 1320mm x 1.9mm capacity electro hydraulic Guillotine is fixed adjacent to the infeed rollers and operates in a stroke and return time of approximately 2 seconds under control of the PLC. This unit is fitted with gib slides and reversible tool steel shear blades.

    Duplex Rollform

    One Model DS10.06-7 station Duplex Rollforming machine is equipped with two lockforming machine style heads with opposing tooling capable of forming the 10mm Plain Seam profile on both edges of the panel. The machine is capable of forming single edge left or right and double edge plain seams by control panel selection. One head is fixed (but indexed) within the base frame and the other one adjustable by means of dual leadscrews and hand wheel with digital indicator. Each head is indexed laterally by pneumatic cylinders to engage/disengage the plain seam tooling and engage a sheet edge guide to prevent tracking of the sheet. The head drive is by common full width splined layshaft from the frame mounted 3kw electric motor driving the machine at approximately 20m/min. A full width sheet steel, windowed and counterbalanced top guard is electrically interlocked for safety. A roller/concertina work support provides support of the panels between 350 and 1250 wide.

    Offload conveyor

    4.5m long x 1300mm wide ‘Mobile’ Gravity Roll Conveyor with Ø51mm zinc plated rollers at 156mm pitch. Frame mounted on lockable castors.


    The electrical control cabinet mounted to the side of the machine contains all necessary electrical hardware including the fully programmed microprocessor PLC, intelligent inverter drive and all related contactors and relays. The cabinet top surface carries the simple operator controls consisting of power ‘on’ and ‘off’ pushbuttons and illumination alongside the operator HMI. This touchscreen unit provides prompted entry of the desired component parameters of length and batch quantity. This unit also provides for seam selection for both edges, right edges only, left edges only, alternate edges or no edges. Adjustability of various length related parameters and display of alarm messages to simplify fault finding is also incorporated. A ‘next sheet’ pushbutton is included.

    A VNC router is incorporated to provide the ability to perform on line monitoring and/or amendment of the PLC and HMI programmes. All machine wiring and sensors are included.