Metal Lath Production Line

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The 2440 long x 700 wide lath produced has a strand width of 1.3mm, with diamond size of 20 x 10mm in material gauges, from 0.4 to 0.8mm. The production rate of this line is 20 sheets per minute.

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  1. De-Coiling

    Twin head heavy duty 2.5 ton capacity.

    Heavy Duty Rotary Lathing Machine

    This machine is capable of guiding, multiple slitting and flanging of the coil stock of 0.4 to 0.8mm thick, followed by expanding up the diagonally diverging arms.


    This machine incorporates drive and levelling with an integral rotary shear for the non-stop shearing of the mesh.


    This is capable of accepting the 2440mm long cut mesh sheets and positioning them in stacks of 10. The stacks are then exited from the machine for manual banding and removal.


    The remote stand-mounted control cabinet houses all the electrical hardware, including the fully programmed microprocessor PLC, the rotary shear servo drive and the 30kw main inverter drive. Its upper surface contains all the necessary push button controls and operator HMI allowing parameter changes.