Picket Section Production Line

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This line of machinery is capable of forming the punched and sheared 15mm x 14mm Picket Section Channel in lengths from 470mm to 6000mm, from coils of pre slit-to-width 1.2mm mild steel. For optimum compactness and production rate, the punch-head and shear are mounted directly to the exit end of the rollforming machine, which is fed in turn directly from the de-coiling machine loop. The production rate will vary, depending upon the length of components, but as a guide on 2.5m lengths with 11 punched holes, a production rate of 10m/min i.e.4 components/min will be achieved.

The product parameters of picket type, length and batch quantity will be entered from the operator HMI allowing the PLC program to calculate the hole configurations within each piece.

Specification Video
  1. De-Coil (Single Head)

    500kg capacity Motorised Expanding Mandrel De-Coiling Machine, to suit coils of 370mm to 630mm diameter bore x 1350mm outside diameter x 300mm maximum width.


    The lower withdrawable roll shafts are carried within re-greasable needle roller bearings and fixed between rigid one-piece sideplates. The top roll shafts are similarly carried within upper bearing blocks, individually adjustable for roll centre and forming pressure, utilising ‘disc spring’ stacks. The machine is driven at a speed of 25m/min, by means of an inverter-controlled geared electric motor and single heavy duty chain drive to the rolling-head gear train.

    Punch/Shear Press

    This automatically inserts the desired pattern of holes and shears to length the formed picket profile at a rate of approximately 10m/min.

    Side Ejecting Offload

    The completed components, up to 6m long, are automatically lowered onto the inclined 4m long x 1.5m wide support table, down which they slide and rest side-by-side until the table is full. Operation of the line is arrested pending removal of one or more products.


    The electrical control cabinet mounted to the side of the machine contains all necessary electrical hardware including the fully programmed Omron microprocessor PLC, Touchscreen HMI, intelligent inverter drives and all related contactors and relays.