Ring and Strap Machine

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Produces two separate products from stainless steel coil - processes include cropping, punching, no-loss shearing, ring rolling and piercing.

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  1. De-Coil

    150 kg Twin Turret Head Motorised Expanding Mandrel De-Coiling machine. The twin turret head allows the loading of coil to one mandrel, whilst the other is in operation, or the fitting of different coil widths to each mandrel.

    Crop/Shear/Feed Rolls

    The hydraulic three plate press head is equipped with a dual-tooled die set, one tool for no-loss shear of the joint ring blank and the other for pierce and crop of the strap blank. The die set is slid axially against stops and locked in position. This unit is preceded by the feed roll pair, with the bottom roll driven via clutch brake drive from the main drive motor and the top roll free-running and carrying the length encoder.

    Tag Roll Station

    The specially tooled roll pair is carried immediately following the shear head. There are two tags per roll, which produce the specific pitch required. The replaceable punch blade is sandwiched between support rollers axially clamped to the gear driven shaft. The mating roller carries replaceable/reversible plain blades, sandwiched either side of the tag blade and axially clamped to the gear driven shaft. The bearing blocks carry vertical centre adjustment for nip gap and disc spring-loading for pressure control. A quick acting cam lever allows for rapid disengagement of this function which is not required for the 'Strap' product.

    Ring Roll Station

    This consists of a pair of motorised pinch rolls, followed by the handwheel adjustable exit curving roller to impart a variable curve into the product. This carries a digital indicator for repeatability of settings, which also allows total retraction for the production of flat 'strap' blanks. The curved ring is deflected to the outside of the roll pair so that on completion of forming the ring falls clear into a suitable catch bin.


    The electrical control cabinet contains all the necessary electrical hardware, including the fully programmed PLC and inverter drive, along with all other contactors and relays, including the two-channel safety relay.