Silencer Sleeve Forming Machine

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The following machine is capable of accepting hand-fed, pre-cut to size blanks of 0.7mm thick stainless steel, or 0.5mm thick titanium and automatically forming a pre-determined Silencer Sleeve profile, at a rate of one every 40 seconds. On completion of the process the forming mandrel is manually unlatched and pivoted towards the operator, allowing manual removal of the sleeve. Quickly interchangeable arbor shafts are incorporated to facilitate the change between stainless steel and titanium.

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  1. This automatic two-roll bender is equipped with a urethane tyred bottom roller and specifically sized upper-forming mandrel between which the material is passed and the rolls pressurised at the positions required, in order to induce the necessary multi-curve shape. In between the curved areas the roll pressure is released and replaced with spring pressure sufficient to drive the flat material to the next curved position. This sequence is automated via lead end detection sensor, forming mandrel encoder and intelligent inverter drive under PLC control.

    The lower Ø180mm urethane tyred roller is driven by means of shaft mounted inverter controlled geared electric motor to provide the desired positional control. This roller is carried in heavy duty sealed-for-life bearings within the hydraulically lifted housings operated by hydraulic cylinders from the remote electro-hydraulic power pack. This system incorporates both a positional control for the drive position and a pressure switch control for the forming position of this roller.