Ring and cylinder rolling Machinery

Ring rolling

The action of curving a section into a segment or a circle is frequently achieved as a continuation of the rollforming process. The Rollforming machine is extended to incorporate the 3 roll (or 2 roll and ‘shoe’) curving tooling following on from the rollforming action. A hand wheel with digital indicator allows for repeatability of adjustable product radius.

Additional features are frequently incorporated for automatic cut-to-length from coil and finished product ejection utilising PLC control.

Cylinder rolling

Our two-roll bending machinery forms virtually ‘Flat Free’ cylinders or segments from flat blanks in one pass. It is ideal for volume production of cylinders of known diameter. A steel mandrel and ‘urethane’ tyred roller are forced together by hydraulic pressure and the blank passed between. The blank is forced to follow the mandrel, producing a cylinder a fixed amount larger than the mandrel. A mandrel sleeve is required for each cylinder diameter to be rolled. The latched top roller hinges out for cylinder removal, which can be automated along with the blank feed for continuous production.

Retainer Ring Production Line

Machinery capable of producing stainless steel profiled rings, 2mm thick, in any diameter between 150mm and 600mm.

Tensioning Band for Chimneys Production Line

The Following machinery will accept pre cut-to-length blanks of 0.5mm stainless steel and form into the tension bands at a speed of 20m/min.

Ring and Strap Machine

Produces two seperate products form stainless steel coil, processes include cropping, punching, no loss shearing, ring rolling and piercing.

Silencer Sleeve Forming Machine

Used in the manufacture of motorbike exhaust silencers employing the 2 roll bending principal to give flat free ends to the curves where required.

Up / Down (Cobra) Curver

Used to aid the manufacture of truck trailres by a renowned British company.