16s Gauge Flanging Machines

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The Boxer flanging machine is constructed using hardened working components for wear resistance and blackened plates to protect against corrosion. It is housed in a modern powder coated cabinet allowing easy access during operation.

The standard flanging machine is used to form a right angled flange up to 15mm high on material between 0.7 and 1.6mm thick. A uniform flange can be formed on straight or consistent curved components down to a radius of 60mm. The front roll can then pivot up to remove completely formed discs using a simple release lever. The gear connected flange rolls are driven by a 0.37kW motor at a throughput speed of 4m/min. A lighter duty spring can be fitted to allow gauge ranges between 0.5 and 1.2mm.

An autoguide version is our best seller, which produces a consistent height flange on straight or contoured components, by using a spring-loaded follower roll and height pin. The spring is adjustable for different gauges, and can be locked back to ease product removal.

There are two additional options available to form the male button punch pip, for use with a female button punch snaplock profile. View options below for more information.




Option 1 has an additional button punch head on top of the flanging head and is used when the punch is not always required.

Double flange

Option 2 forms and punches the flange in one pass giving faster production speeds when the punch is always required.