Automated metal forming

The continuous nature of rollforming can be extolled by incorporating other processes such as ribbing, piercing notching, shearing, cropping, ring rolling or folding. This produces an efficient, compact production line from coil or blank, which may include offload, or shearing of the completed product.

In-house programming of microprocessor PLC controls integrates the machine sequence to suit your individual requirements, with a custom-designed touch screen interface for machine running and monitoring.

Slip On Flange Production Line

Boxer 20mm, 30mm and 40mm Slip-On Flange.

Turbulator Cut / Form & Stuffing Production Line

Cutting to length, forming and stuffing a 0.08mm aluminium Turbulator product.

Water Cylinder Wrapper Production Line

Completed water cylinder wrapper of Ø480mm to Ø580mm x 686mm to 1942mm long.

Oval Seamed Tubular Duct

Oval seamed Tubular Ducts in cut lengths up to 10m long from pre slit-to-width coils of 0.4mm thick.

Paper Backed Metal Lath Production Line

The 27½” wide lath produced had a strand width of 0.051” with 84/85 diamonds, 17.5mm long approximately.

Metal Lath Production Line

Strand width of 1.3mm with diamond size of 20 x 10mm in material gauges from 0.4 to 0.8mm.

Picket Section Production Line

Forming the punched and sheared 15mm x 14mm Picket Section Channel in lengths from 470mm to 6000mm.