Lintel Tie Plate Production Line

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The following line of machinery is capable of producing three lengths of punched, ribbed and cropped Lintel Tie Plates from coils of 150mm wide x 1mm thick galvanised mild steel. The three sizes will be produced utilising a servo roll-fed hydraulic press, incorporating two press stations, one for the three interchangeable punch and rib tools and one for the common crop tool.
The production rates will be at least:

185mm long - 35 components per minute
145mm long - 38 components per minute
125mm long - 43 components per minute
  1. De-coil (Single Head)

    1500kg capacity Motorised Expanding Mandrel De-Coiling Machine to suit coils of 480mm to 620mm diameter, bore x 1400mm outside diameter x 400mm maximum width. The mandrel is expanded by manual crank handle and is driven by inverter controlled geared electric motor with contactless loop control to control the payoff speed.

    De-coil (Twin head)

    1500kg + 1500kg Double Head De-Coiling Machine with specification as above but with two mandrels rotating manually to stops on a vertical axis. Allows processing of one coil whilst another coil is loaded.

    Straightener (Loop to loop)

    The 200mm wide x 7 roll straightener serves to remove coil set to allow unhindered passage through the punch heads and provide a flat component. The 80mm diameter pinch roll pair are driven by inverter controlled geared electric motor and pneumatically separated for ease of coil feed. The 3 lower straightening rollers are driven by the common drive and the top 2 free running and adjustable via handles for control of straightness.

    Punch Press

    Is capable of guiding and feeding the coil stock of 150mm wide x 1.0mm thick and inserting the desired pattern of slots, ribs and crop detail by means of 3 interchangeable punch/rib tools and common crop tool. The punch/rib die sets are of a quick change, slide in/ slide out design utilising readily accessible single screw fixing allowing product size change in 5 minutes.

    The heads are each hydraulically operated via the common adjacent 11kw electro-hydraulic power pack and are mounted to a common base frame in the following sequence:

    1. Slot Punch/Rib Head with 3 interchangeable tools – 30 ton, 2 plate, 4 pillar bridge head tooled to punch the 29 x 4mm slots, 26.5 x 7mm tag slots and form the 1.1 mm deep ribs in a stroke and return time of 0.45 seconds.
    2. End Crop Head – 20 ton, 2 plate, 2 pillar bridge head tooled to crop the lead and trail radiused tag detail whilst removing a 4mm slug in a stroke and return time of 0.3 seconds.

    Preceding the heads is a pair of hardened coil feed rollers the rollers driven by geared Servo motor providing rapid acceleration and deceleration to achieve the desired throughput speed. The top roller is raised by pneumatic cylinder to simplify coil feeding. Hardened adjustable edge guides are situated adjacent to these rollers for accurate coil guidance. Any necessary slug chutes and removal catch tray are incorporated.


    The electrical control cabinet mounted to the side of the machine contains all necessary electrical hardware including the fully programmed microprocessor PLC, intelligent Servo and inverter drives and all related contactors and relays. The cabinet top surface carries the simple operator controls consisting of power ‘on’ and ‘off’ pushbuttons and illumination alongside the operator HMI. This touchscreen display unit provides prompted entry of the desired component length and batch quantity. The unit also provides adjustability of various length related parameters and display of alarm messages to simplify fault finding.

    A VNC router is incorporated to provide the ability to perform online monitoring and/or amendment of the PLC and HMI programmes. All machine wiring and sensors are included.

    Perimeter guarding

    Will enclose the coil loops, straightener and decoiling machine (pivoting guard panels if double head) up to the front of the item 3 Punch Press by means of 2.2m high steel box section posts with steel framed weldmesh panels incorporating interlocked access doors.