Water Cylinder Wrapper Production Line

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This line of machinery is capable of producing a 'Completed water cylinder wrapper' of Ø480mm to Ø580mm x 686mm to 1942mm long, by means of a two-piece construction from coil. The line is capable of producing an average of one to three completed cylinders per minute dependent upon the cylinder length and hole configuration. Over 200 product recipes can be stored and a queuing system allows 10 different products to be entered during running.

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  1. De-Coil

    Single sided 7000kg x 1500mm o/d x 1000mm wide Expanding Mandrel De-Coiler.

    Feed & Coil-Set Removal

    Servo driven feed rolls with brake and coil set removal roller.

    Edge Trim & Scrap Chop

    Screw adjustable slitting head to one side of the sheet, with indicator reading for setting purposes. Below this there is an off-cut chopping head.

    Hole Punch

    Five head Punch Press incorporating 2 x double 3-tonne and 1 x single 6-tonne, one-piece letterbox style punch heads, each adjustable across the coil width by servo driven ball screw. Heads hydraulically operated via electro-hydraulic power pack. Incorporates Wilson thick turret punch tooling.

    Shear/Feed Rolls

    One-metre hydraulic upstroking shear with parallel motion, complete with infeed rolls to index ‘coil end’.

    Scrap Conveyor

    One metre wide x seven metre long, with inclined section feeding through guarding into a suitable skip.


    One – 9/10 Station Duplex Twin Head Rollforming machine, with handwheel width adjustment / display and servo drive linked to item ‘2’ Feed Rolls for accurate coil positioning.

    Side Index/Overlap

    Incorporates dual direction conveyors and lift/lower mechanisms with feed rolls, to convey the rollformed blanks and position for seam closing. This also incorporates alternate feeding to scrap panel area.

    Seam Closer

    Two-metre lower beam with traversing upper wheel, mechanically actuated for seam closing of the two flat blank edge profiles.

    Arm/Roll, Seam Close & Eject

    Combines servo driven feed rolls with three-roll bending, along with servo operated rotating beam, final seam closing and auto ejection of finished product.


    Three Control cabinets incorporating eight servo and one inverter drive, along with large colour touch screen operator station for programming and all wiring. Various inputs and outputs control the line functions, via sensors and solenoid valves connected through field bus to the PLC.

    Perimeter Guarding

    1.8m high mesh/frame guarding, surrounding production cell, with dual access doors and Pilz/solenoid interlock system.